Servant Leadership Course

Supervision is an exciting profession, sometimes to the breathtaking. Why? Supervisors and administrators are dependent on each other to perform their duties properly. The driver feels vulnerable because of his hierarchical relationship with his supervisor with the ultimate consequence that he can always be replaced. The supervisor is in turn vulnerable because he is dependent on the information provided by the driver and is never entirely sure whether he has been adequately informed. Of course, the issue of power also always plays through that. This is rarely, if ever, spoken, but its shadow is always present in the background.

Our unique Servant Leadership Course challenges supervisors to fill in the special and complex relationship between director and supervisor from their own personal leadership. The effectiveness of supervision is not a result of expertise, governance codes and protocols. The effectiveness is essentially determined by the craftsmanship of the supervisors in particular and the way in which they know how to shape the relationships with respect and in mutual trust. Servant Leadership offers its participants an inspiring and reflective environment to strengthen the personal intervention power.

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The participant is given ample opportunity to reflect on his own effectiveness, partly through three individual coaching sessions during the program with an experienced (non-) executive coach as well as a coaching interview after the program has been completed. In addition, group supervision meetings will take place during the workshops.
€12.200,- (excluding VAT, literature, travel and accommodation expenses)
Other information
The Servant Leadership Course is offered in collaboration with Ashridge Executive Education, a leading institute in the field of leadership and executive coaching. The third meeting will take place at the beautiful home location of Ashridge in Berkhamsted (UK). Key note supervisor on behalf of Ashridge is Professor Erik de Haan, director of center for coaching at Ashridge, Professor of organization development and coaching at VU Amsterdam. To round off the course, the participant will present a reflective report on his servant leadership to his own supervisors or critical friend (s) in a personal meeting. Like all coaching sessions, this takes place at the NICE-Koetshuys.
Course objectives
The participant is even more aware of the essence of the supervisor's role, has insight into the dilemmas that lie within the various tasks and roles of the regulator, knows the most important aspects of the dynamics in the boardroom, is alert to 'early' warnings' and knows his or her intervention options. 'Leadership wisdom' or 'maturity' has grown and 'personal courage' has been strengthened as far as possible.