Recruitment, selection & assessment

NICE recruitment, selection & assessment focuses on directors and supervisors. Thanks to extensive experience in the boardrooms of organizations, NICE knows and understands the sensitive relationships between a management board or supervisory board of an organization and its management. Various organizations, including cooperatives, interest groups, housing corporations and Rabobanks, have asked NICE for advice on, among other things:

– Drawing up profiles

– The recruitment and selection of board members, directors and supervisors

– Set up and supervise selection committees

– Assessments in the context of fitness assessments and / or development advice

– The testing of directors or supervisory directors for reappointment


HOGAN certification

NICE works with HOGAN certified assessors. For more information about HOGAN, click here.

NICE works with AEM-Cube®, an assessment instrument which measures the SWOT of an individual or team. The AEM-Cube® assessment is an ideal starting point is an ideal starting point for team sessions on strategy, cooperation and diversity. For more information, click here.