About Ineke

Ineke has been a management advisor for more than 20 years. As a business economist and also accredited executive coach, supervisor and HOGAN assessor, Ineke knows how to put the finger on the sore spot, often before the person sees this for himself. Her extraordinary feeling for not only the playing field in the boardroom, but also the person itself, makes her a thorough advisor and coach.

Inekes expertise consists of training and advising council members, (supervisory) board members, management and director on the following themes:

– Cooperatives

– Governance

– Leadership

In addition to her courses in Executive Coaching at the Ashridge Business School, Ineke is co-author of a book full of casuistry about coaching (Behind closed doors: stories from the coaching room, from 2013).

‘Many want to be supervisors, only a few appreciate their own supervision.’

Drs.ing. Ineke Duit, MSc.

 In 1996 she founded NICE, Netherlands Institute for Co-operative Entrepreurship. NICE advises, supervises and provides training for directors in the broadest sense of the word, particularly organizations with a member structure, such as cooperatives, sector organizations, school communities, but also housing corporations and care and welfare organizations. NICE consists of a team of six employees and works with a circle of associated coaches and trainers.

‘Personal sustainability also means: Being a steward of your own life; there is no second.’

Drs.ing. Ineke Duit, MSc.

Ineke is also the founder of the Academy for Personal Sustainability. An academy aimed at the professional who in his or her busy life wants time for him or herself and wants to pay attention to his / her inner vitality.